Heppner Unit Private Land

This property is located in the Heppner Unit in the heart of eastern Oregon. The ranch is approximately 3000 acres in size. There are 2 cabins with beds, running water, all cooking supplies, an out house, and a shower house. You are in the middle of nowhere in a true wilderness camp. The cabins sleep 3-4 people each and have everything to make your hunt enjoyable. We are booking self guided archery elk/deer hunts and rifle hunts for deer and elk.

Also new in 2015 if you want to spend some time learning about the John Day Basin, its history and resources and just spend some time outdoors maybe a scenic tour is for you. This 6 night 7day tour is operated by Owner of Bologna Basin, Jeffrey Kee. Please visit his web page at www.orterraexp.com

Bologna Basin Ranch Hills

Bologna Basin Ranch Hills


Bologna Basin Ranch Cabins

Bologna Basin Ranch Cabins

Archery- elk/deer combo

This is a complete do it yourself hunt with over 3000 acres of private land to hunt. The first 3 weeks are 6 days hunts, the last week of the season is a 9 day hunt. Included in your hunt is a day of familiarization of the private land, use of the cabins and its amenities, and complete seclusion. You MUST be prepared to hike many miles during the day and put in your time in order to be successful. It is really weather dependent on how the elk and deer move. This hunt is for bull only and buck deer only. The license and tags can be purchased “over the counter”.

Dates Availability Cost
Aug. 29th - Sept. 3rd 4 hunts *self guided* Lodging included $1700
Sept. 5th - Sept. 10th 4 hunts *self guided* Lodging included $1700
Sept. 12th - Sept. 17th 4 hunts *self guided* Lodging included $1700
Sept. 19th - Sept. 27th 4 hunts *self guided* Lodging included $2200

Rifle buck deer hunting

This is a great deer hunt, but you have to put in your time behind the glass to be successful. This is a self guided hunt, however we will have a camp host present during your hunt who likes to get out and help. There may be days you only see a few deer, its all weather dependent, but as proven in 2014 those “few deer” included a 25 inch buck and a 28 inch buck, the latter being between 180-190 inches. This buck hunt is for the hunter who is willing to hunt very hard, hike, and spend time on the spot and stalk. If you want to test your skills, this hunt is for you. We will have 4 hunters per week. At the present there are 2 hunts still available for each week of the season. I have Landowner tags that I can guarantee.

Dates Description Availability Cost
Oct. 3rd - Oct. 7th private land hunt *Booked* $1950
Oct. 10th- Oct. 14th private land hunt 1 hunt *self guided* Lodging included $1950

Rifle bull elk hunt

This is a first season bull elk hunt on private land only. I can guarantee up to 3 landowner tags. This hunt will include food/lodging and guiding services. This hunt is for 1 bull elk. *Booked for 2015*

Dates Description Availability Cost
Oct. 28th - Nov. 1st Private Land Only *guaranteed tags* *booked 2015* $3800