Grizzly Unit Private Land

Burnt Ranch Farmhouse

Burnt Ranch Farmhouse

This ranch is located in central Oregon right on the banks of the John Day River. The ranch consists of approximately 2200 acres with some landlocked BLM ground. There are numerous alfalfa fields and water sources for the abundance of game that frequent this ranch daily.
You will stay in the historic burnt ranch house during your hunt. There are 5 bedrooms, satellite T.V. Kitchen/shower and bathroom. If you have down time you can fish in the John Day river for the multiple small mouth bass, as well as see some of the scenic backgrounds this country has to offer. The historic Painted Hills are only a few miles away. This ranch is located approximately 4 hours SE of Portland Oregon.


Archery Hunting

This is a self guided elk only hunt, I am going to sell the entire archery season to one group of 4 hunters. You will get exclusive use of the 5 bedroom ranch house and the property for the archery season. You will be given a tour of the property and boundary lines before your hunt, but after that you are on your own. This hunt can be very demanding and I suggest being in good physical condition when you arrive. It is advantageous to have an ATV for retrieval purposes only. We don’t condone hunting off of ATV’s as you will most likely run whatever animal is around out of the country, however retrieval is a lot easier should you harvest an animal. This property backs up to over 40,000 acres of hard to reach BLM Wilderness land which gives even a better opportunity at finding elk, little, if any pressure is in that area. However there is a restriction to motor vehicles and should you harvest an animal in this wilderness area a pack board will be helpful. I have posted a few pictures of bulls taken from this ranch during archery season in the last few years.

Kyle's Elk (3)
2014 burnt ranch archery 1

Dates Description Availability Cost
Entire Archery Season Burnt Ranch Available 2019 $8000

Buck Deer Hunt

In 2019 this will be a self guided hunt for 9 days of hunting. You will get use of the Farm house and exclusive hunting on this 2100 acre ranch. The average bucks here are between 120-140 inches, however we do harvest bucks in the 160-170 range on occasion. You will be staying at the burnt ranch residence and all amenities are available. The property consists of alfalfa fields as well as juniper and sage brush. Expect to see numerous deer each day. 2 LOP tags go with this hunt as well as any outfitter tags I may have ( will be determined in January 2019) Generally I have about 3 hunters on this hunt. It takes 2-3 preference points to draw in this unit unless your issued an LOP tag or an Outfitter tag. More details will be available first part of 2019.


Dates Description Availability COST
September 28th October 6th 1 buck deer/self guided TBA $2800

Rifle Elk 1st and 2nd Seasons

This hunt is on private land. Generally during this time of year there is a fair number of elk that frequent the property coming to and from the fields. The one unique thing about this hunt however is that we only hunt in the mornings and in the evenings when the elk are passing through. This may seem like a drawback for some but consistently over the years this hunt has been one of the most successful that we offer, often time filling all the tags. The tag issued to you will be good for either a cow or a bull. I have availability for 3 hunters during the 1st season, this is a fully outfitted hunt including lodging/food/guiding.

The 2nd season elk hunt is a self guided hunt with lodging provided and exclusive use of the property for 7 days. You will need to draw your tag for this hunt. As a resident it has been 100% chance of drawing over the last few years. I also have 1 outfitter tag available for 2nd season which can only go to a non-resident. To draw a tag as a non-resident you need to have at least 1 preference point. So if you want your own private ranch with a house to use for the season, this is a great option.


2016 1st season bull 300+ inches

Dates Description Availability Cost
October 23rd - October 7th Private land only hunt *booked 2019* $2700
November 2nd- November 10th Private land only hunt available 2019 $2800