This ranch is in Central Oregon approximately 4 miles north of Madras. It is situated in the middle of the gateway valley which has historically been a major flyway for migrating birds. The property is approximately 1000 acres in size consisting of corn/wheat/ and alfalfa fields, much of which can be hunted depending on how the birds migrate. This property was just purchased this year and this will be the first year opening our waterfowl/dove hunting operation. The main source of income for this ranch is a cattle feed lot. We offered duck hunting in 2011 and kept the hunters on the feed lot hunting over a stock pond, and it was phenomenal.

The ponds freeze in the winter so the main waterfowl hunting is near the feed lot which seems to draw sometimes thousands of birds a day. We have a pit blind in place for the waterfowl hunters and one other blind built out of straw.

We are also going to offer dove/pigeon hunting. This area is full of them when hunting season comes along. The hunting opportunities are endless, and there is a lot of ground to choose from.

We have also completed a $10,000 renovation of the “hunting shack” which will be available for your use. The shack is situated within walking distance of most of the ponds and right in the middle of the hunting. The shack is approximately 550 square feet, has 4 queen sized beds, kitchen, bathroom with shower, living room, and flat screen T.V. Outside the hunting shack is a bird cleaning station with stainless steal sinks and everything you need to get your birds taken care of.

Duck Season

Duck season starts Oct. 6th – Nov. 25th and then Nov. 28th through Jan. 20th.

  • 1 Day hunts Monday through Thursday $125 per gun
  • 1 Day hunts Friday through Sunday $150 per gun
  • Guiding/calling available on most days is $100 minimum for up to 2 people


    Lodging for both dove hunting and duck hunting is available in our hunting shack. You are responsible for bringing your own food/beverages. We will supply the lodging/cooking instruments and your basic necessities. Prices are $150 a night for up to 4 people.

    More info

    For further information and booking please email