These hunting properties are located in the Northside GMU west of John Day Oregon. There are numerous different sections totaling over 18,000 acres. We have archery elk hunts, rifle bull elk hunts and rifle cow elk hunts. The cow hunts start in early August and run through March of the following year. Tags are guaranteed for all hunts.

Brooks ranch – Over 14,000 acres total with a mix of open country, juniper, and big pine forests. The sections are bordered by both public and private lands. This land has some of the best elk hunting to be had in the Northside unit.

Mt. Vernon Ranch – This ranch is about 4000 acres in size and borders the Brooks Ranch on 2 sides, there is very nice log cabin just up fall creek and then another house as well we will be using for lodging. This is another excellent elk/deer hunting ranch.


The cow elk hunts will start August 1st and run through March 31st of the following year. We will hunt cows from August 1st- 15th and then again from Nov. 19th – March 31st. This cow hunt takes place on private land only. This is a 2 day hunt with a maximum of 4 hunters during the August dates. We will hunt on Wednesday-Thursday and Saturday-Sunday during the November- March Dates. This is a guided hunt. You are expected to arrive the day before your hunt. You are responsible for your own food and lodging. The closest town is John Day Oregon and its located about 20 minutes from the hunt location. Contact outfitter for details on obtaining a tag. License and tag fees are in addition to the hunt cost.

Amanda's cow
KIds Cow
Terry's Cow

Dates Description Availability COST
August 1st - March 31st 2 day hunt contact outfitter $1300



All of our archery hunting occurs on private land. We provide lodging for all hunts. In 2018 our only fully outfitted hunt will take place during the 3rd week of the season. Lodging is in a canvas wall tent which is on a platform next to our main residence. I provide rollaway beds with mattresses and it is very comfortable. The tent is used just for sleeping. We gather at the main house where there is all your cooking utensils, stove, BBQ, showers, satellite TV and all the amenities of home.  Below is a description of each of the weeks have available this coming year.

In 2018 we have 2 time world champion and top 4 in the world elk caller Joel Turner founder of Iron Mind Hunting LLC. During the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the season Joel is going to offer two lucky hunters with the hunt of a lifetime. Joel is going to guide 1×1 hunts September 1st- 6th and September 8th-13th. This is going to be called an immersion hunt. “The hunter will be completely immersed in the world of Controlled Process Shooting and the language of Instinctive Elk Calling.  The hunter will gain the skills we all seek and what sometimes takes a hunter a lifetime to achieve.  In fact, most hunters never reach the level of knowledge that will be gained in the few short days we have together.  This is not just a hunt.  It will be a life changing skill set the hunter can take with them wherever their life may lead them.” This is a fully outfitted hunt with food/lodging included. Don’t miss out on this opportunity.

1st and 2nd weeks of archery season – Tree stand/ground blind hunts. Direction on how to hunt the ranch and a map of blind/tree stand locations will be provided to you. We have numerous proven tree stands and blinds already in place. Patience is the key to be successful during this time of year. The temperature is generally 80-90 degrees or sometimes hotter. The elk will still be on their summer patterns and won’t have been pressured, so sitting over water or near wallows is the best bet. Trail camera pictures tell the story year after year, if you sit, odds are in your favor.  We will be in touch with you on a daily basis during these hunts, if you harvest or wound an animal we will be there to help in the retrieval process. We have a skinning station and walk in cooler available for your use. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from hunting areas. During the 2nd week while Joel Turner is in camp he will host two clinics during the downtime, plus you will be able to glean knowledge from Joel during the course of the week. This is included in the hunt cost.

3rd week of archery season- This will be our fully outfitted hunt. On the fully outfitted hunts you will hunt over 22,000 acres of private lands throughout the Northside Unit. The hunt will be a 2 on 1 hunt unless otherwise requested. You will stay at our main headquarters and all food/lodging/ guiding is included. Depending on animal movement, moon phases, and estrus cycles will determine how your hunt will progress each day. We take everything into consideration when planning a days hunt.

4th week of archery season- This is a 9 day hunt. The only difference between this week and the 3rd week is you are responsible for your own food. We will take care of the rest.

The Northside Unit is located in Grant County. Statistics show that Grant County has one of the largest populations of elk in the State of Oregon. These hunts are a full 6 days of hunting with departure being the morning of the 7th day.

I can’t stress enough on preparation for this hunt. You need to be proficient with your weapon and you need to be physically prepared to put boots on the ground. Enough said.

Chris' bull 2015
photo 2

Dates Description Price
August 25th - August 30th Tree stand/ground blind $3300
September 1st - 7th Tree stand/ground blind $3700
September 8th - 14th 2 on 1 guided hunt $4700
September 15th - 23rd 2 on 1 ( 9 day hunt) $6500
Hunt With Joel Turner 1x1 2nd and 3rd weeks *booked 2018* $7500
1x1 hunt Any week of season add $1000 to price


This is a fully outfitted hunt where we hunt about 7000 acres. Food/lodging/ and 2×1 guiding will be provided. I can guarantee the tags. The odds of drawing a private land tag as a resident are 100%. The bag limit is for 1 elk. You must be on my landowner permission form to apply for private tags.

Dates Description Availability COST
October 24th- October 28th Any Elk (with appropriate tag) 1 available $4500


This is a fully outfitted hunt on private land including food/lodging/guiding. Lodging will be in a residence on the property. We will be hunting the first 5 days of 2nd season (November 3rd – 7th) You arrive the day before your hunt (Friday) and hunt through Wednesday with departure being Thursday morning. The private land hunt is an any elk hunt with the correct tag, however we will be focusing on harvesting bulls during this time period.

Dates Description Availability COST
November 3rd- November 7th Any elk (with appropriate tag) 3 available $5000

Tony's 2015 bull